Dancing Queen

This is my adorable Niece, Katelyn. She's taking dance, and is the most beautiful ballerina ever! I love that when she's wearing her costume, she's a different girl, much more prim and proper (not that she isn't normally, but we had to work a little to get that girl to smile!) She was all business.

I am in love with how these photos turned out, and had SO much fun taking them! It totally made me want to put my girls in dance class! Enjoy Jenina!


The {B} Family

This is such a fun family that I was able to photograph, not once, but twice! Luckily dad was able to put up with me twice, I know my hubby would not have been too excited. Their two kids are absolutely adorable, and I couldn't get over their sons eyes, SO enchanting!

Enjoy the little sneak peak!

Seriously, look at this little guys eyes, SO beautiful!
I just loved this photo. She seems so happy and carefree! What little girl doesn't love to just twirl?


The {adorable} Williams Kids

Last week I was able to get together with my sister-in-law and take some photos of her adorable little kids! They are so cute, and besides not really loving the camera, they did great, and actually smiled for me a few times:)

Seriously, I have the most fun being able to do this, especially when it's my own nieces and nephews that I get to photograph. Enjoy Jess!


Baby E {Newborn}

Meet sweet baby E, a gorgeous little week old boy that I was able to get photos of this past week. He wsa adorable, and so great! It was kinda fun to hold a newborn again, especially one as cute as this little guy.