Portrait Session Pricing
 All money is due the same day and includes at least 1 hour of photography as well as custom editing. Processing takes two weeks and in the fall plan for 3 weeks before disc will be ready. Sessions are done either at my studio or on location within 20 miles from my residence. If location is further than 20 miles an additional $25 fee will be applied.

Portrait Session ~ $65 *For immediate family members only
*Extended families ~ $225

Newborn ~ $100 plan for 2-3 hours for newborn sessions.
-Parents are included in this session

Baby Plan ~ $350
{Maternity, newborn, 4 months, 8 Months, & 1 year}-
custom hardcover album is included of baby's first year
*Weeks 32-36 give the best Maternity results.
*First 2 weeks of life is best for Newborn Portraits. So call ahead and schedule around your due date. I understand babies come when they decide, so I will be flexible!


You will receive a disc with 5 pictures of your choice in color, and black/white, custom edited.  Additional pictures will be $5 each and added to the disc. Along with your disc you will receive a print release allowing you to print whatever you prefer. Unless I am told otherwise I will put a sample of each shoot on my blog (no names if preferred) for advertising purposes.

Booking Details
I prefer to do newborns in my studio, or at your home, any other sessions will be taken on location. My studio is small but works great for newborns or children. If you prefer both studio and location portraits an additional $25 and 30 min. will be added to the session. On location shots are best in the evening or in an area covered with trees. I do sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Book early because I do a limited number of sessions each week and they fill up fast.

Contact me at
a 10% discount will be given to returning clients.
***Prices are subject to change***

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?
 The truth of the matter is the answer to this question is multifaceted. Much of the cost of a photographic print produced by a professional photographer has a lot to do with the time, equipment costs, artistic vision and reputation of the photographer not to mention expertise and the usual costs of running a legitimate business.
I hope this (lengthy) article helps shed some light on WHY a custom photographer is a better choice for your family’s memories. The photographs that are produced as a result of the professionalism and dedication that your photographer has will be cherished for a lifetime (or more) and great thought and consideration should be placed into hiring who is right for your family.
The Cost of TIME
Approaching it from a time standpoint, let’s imagine that you have hired a photographer who has work that you love. This photographer is traveling 30 minutes to your destination to photograph your session (or a location of your choice or the photographers choice, etc).

Here is an example of a time break down:
· session prep time (30 mins – 1 hour, includes equipment and back up equipment and battery checks + vehicle checks)
· 30 minutes-one hour travel time TO session
· 15-20 minutes prep time at location
· 60-90 minutes with client photographing subject
· 30 miutes-one hour travel time FROM session
· 30-45 minutes uploading time from digital cards from camera to computer
· 30-45 minutes time spent backing up the original images
· 4-5 hours editing time to present you with a diverse gallery of edited images
· 30 minutes-1 hour prep time for delivery
· 30 minutes getting order shipped
· any additional phone time or time needed for add on ordering, shipment issues, quality issues

In this example, the time spent per client can range from just under 10 hours to 13 hours – dependent on the photographer’s level of service. This is time dedicated only to ONE session. When the photographer charges $100-$300 for the photo shoot (aka SESSION FEE) you are not just paying for the two hours of session time, you are paying the photographer for 12-19 hours complete time for your session.

The COSTS of Maintaining a Custom Photography Business:
Regarding equipment costs, a good quality professional camera with a selection of good optical quality lenses and digital storage mediums and computer set up can run from $10,000-$30,000 costs dependent on the photographer. Even though you can purchase a really good quality digital SLR for about $2100 there are still other costs related to photography. A good lens for portrait photography can run from $900to $2500. A dependable computer system with software loaded for business and creative usage can run $2500 to $8000 dependent on the photographer.