The {N} Family

I was able to shoot the cutest family a little while ago. Seriously, some cute kids with the most beautiful curly hair! Not only that, but these kids have some strong personalities. They were busy and happy kids that made for some beautiful shots! Not only that, but since they weren't shy in front of the camera, we were able to capture this family as they really are, I love being able to do that, capture their real personalities.


Sweet Sydney

 This little girl is turning 8 soon, which means she's about to be baptized. She looked radiant, and excited and I absolutely loved this session! (alright, that may have to do partly with the fact that she's old enough to listen, and pose, and do everything I asked her to without bribing her, but it really was a super fun session.) How lucky am I that I got to have her to photograph? Thanks Stacy for letting me do this, what a blast!

There's just something about these kids getting ready to take this huge step, what a moment of growth for them, and they know it, and are so excited to go forward. I just love that feeling you get from kids  reaching this point in their lives. It's just beautiful!

Baby Boy {W} - Newborn Photography

Have I said how much I love doing newborns? They are SO much fun! I especially love when they fall so dead asleep that they just let me play with them, love it! This sweet guy was a week old when I got to meet him, he was so great! Happy for awhile, then sleepy, what a doll. I would say these babies make me want a newborn, but I'm still kinda waiting for my own little guy to start sleeping through the night....someday!


The Later Family

I love family sessions! Really, I do. Especially when it's such an adorable family! Their little one year old was so cute, and curious, and he liked to look at me, which I loved!:) This kinda made me miss the days of one child, if only we knew how easy one child was when that's all we had. But you never realize it till later.

Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful family!


Cutie Cole {One year portraits}

I am so lucky to get to take pictures of the cutest kids ever! Cole is no exception. I love his cute white/blonde hair, kinda reminds me of my own kids.:) One is a very fun and very hard age to get pictures of. The kids just can't sit still, let alone look at the camera. Outdoor pictures would probably be easier at this age, but when it's the end of summer in Houston it's just WAY too hot out! The good news is, his mom got a great workout putting him back where I needed him.


Cake Smash with LaNea

I was able to do the most fun photo session with my adorable niece. We were able to make a huge mess and eat cake too!



My sister-in-law had her baby girl almost a month ago. Weird thing is, she should still be pregnant! But luckily, everything has worked out wonderfully and their baby girl was born at 34 weeks totally healthy! Adelyn is ADORABLE, and tiny, especially compared to my chunky boy. I had SO much fun getting to take pictures of this little cutie pie!

The nice thing about premies is they sleep tons, so she was nice and sleepy for these pictures, and even with all the moving and jostling her around she did so great.


the {S} Kids

I was able to meet up with these cute kiddos just a few weeks after Jaden was born, and it was great to be able to photograph some extremely cute kids again! August in houston might be a little hot for outdoor photos, but they did amazing and are some incredibly photogenic kids.

This little girl is so beautiful! She did amazing through the whole shoot, and was all smiles till right at the very end. I just love baby girls!

I just love being able to capture siblings together, it's not always the easiest thing to do, but that's kinda what makes it so fun when it does happen! Enjoy!